Fresno’s open spaces, gorgeous weather, and abundance of things to do and see encourage residents and visitors to get outside and be active. However, it can be frustrating to make the most of the weather and area if you’re injured while enjoying yourself or dealing with seasonal allergies. Instead of staying stuck in your home, learn how to navigate seasonal allergies and deal with outdoor injuries so that you can spend more time outside.

In 2019, Fresno ranked 31st on the AAFA’s national list of “The Most Challenging Places to Live With Spring Allergies.” It climbed from 53rd place in just one year. Fresno is #1 for the U.S. West region. The city beat out Modesto and Riverside.

Factors that the AAFA considers include:

  • Current pollen counts
  • The number of patients needing medications to control allergies
  • The availability of board-certified allergists and immunologists per patient.

That’s just allergies. Fresno is also a popular area for outdoor activities due to the weather and abundance of natural areas. Spending time in nature is a great way to stay in shape and ease stress, but it comes with risks from insect stings and bites, falls that lead to strains, sprains, bone fractures, and the potential for head injuries with activities like biking and contact sports.

Our guide is going to help residents and visitors enjoy Fresno’s many attractions and natural areas while also focusing on safety and allergy control.

What Triggers Seasonal Allergies?

Many trees are native to Fresno, and they release tree pollen that can trigger severe allergies in people. Arizona cypress, box elder, a variety of oaks, and western juniper are among them. The trees leaf out and bloom in the spring, which is why their pollen counts are so high and affect people. 

You also have grass pollen from Bermuda grass, common Timothy, perennial ryegrass, red fescue, and others. Grass pollen is a little easier to control by keeping the grass mowed before it can flower and go to seed.

Weeds are the other creator of pollen, though many don’t release pollen until the summer months. Fresno does have common allergens like ragweed that will pose issues in the months to come.

To know what pollen counts are highest, look them up online. The Weather Channel keeps an updated list of pollen levels. You can also rely on In the spring, tree pollen and grass pollen are usually in the high to very high range. Ragweed is typically moderate at this time of the year.

Per, the most prevalent pollens in Fresno in the spring are oak, privet, and sycamore. Under a microscope, their pollen spores often show a ball with lots of spikes, and those spikes irritate the delicate lining of the nasal passages. That causes the inflammation, sneezing, and runny nose associated with allergies.

If you’re experiencing seasonal allergies, change your clothes as soon as you go inside. Pollen sticks in your hair and clothing, so you’ll bring it inside with you. Take a shower to wash it off your skin and out of your hair. Wash your clothes as soon as you can. If you wear a coat, try to leave it outside in a garage or breezeway.

While it’s tempting to open your windows and let in the fresh air, that also lets in pollen. Keep them closed if you can. The pollen counts are higher between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., wait until noon to open them. After 4 p.m., pollen counts climb again. There are other factors. Pollen spreads more on windy days, which can reduce local counts.

If your allergies are severe, don’t put off an appointment with a doctor, specifically an allergist. Prescription allergy medications and allergy shots help ease the severity of the symptoms.

What Injuries Are Most Common?

Allergies are just one reason people often need to see a doctor at an urgent care practice. Sports and outdoor activities can lead to injuries that need medication attention.

Muscle strains, sprains, and bone fractures are some of the things people experience as they get outside and increase activity. While a minor sprain or muscle strain will improve with rest, a bone fracture needs to be treated by a doctor.

Before you play sports, take time to warm up. Get your muscles stretched and limber before the game or practice begins. If you’re going out for a bike ride, start slow and then pick up speed once your muscles are warmed up.

Spending time in the sun can lead to dehydration and sunburn. Make sure you’re using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Apply it about 10 to 15 minutes before heading outside and reapply every two hours or sooner if you’ve been in water or sweating profusely. 

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the top of the ears and your face, especially your eyelids. Double up on the protection of delicate skin around the eyes and on the top of the ears by wearing sunglasses and a hat.

Stay hydrated. A general rule of thumb is for women to drink two liters of water a day, and men need three liters. It also depends on your activity level and body weight. If you’re sweating a lot, drink more water to replenish the fluids you lose.

Tips For Staying Safe in the Fresno Area

As it can get warm during the day, watch the weather to see what the afternoon temperatures are. If it’s going to be extremely hot, consider going outside in the morning or later in the evening. Don’t do more than you’re capable of. If you’re out of shape, don’t attempt a strenuous hike your first time out.

Dress appropriately. When the sun is out and there are no clouds in the sky, you should consider clothing that blocks UVA and UVB rays from your skin. It’s lightweight, but it’s good for keeping you from a severe sunburn.

Know Where to Go If You’re Sick or Injured

Before you rush to a hospital, make sure you know that a Fresno urgent care center is a better option in most situations. Urgent care can handle most urgent health care needs, including allergy shots, treatments for severe sunburn, insect bites and stings, and sports injuries.

If you find yourself overexerting or having an accident that leads to an injury or your allergies are unbearable, see a doctor at Premium Urgent Care. Our Fresno offices on North Milburn and East Champlain make it easy to check in online or schedule a telemedicine appointment. We’ll have you feeling better and back outside to enjoy spring’s gorgeous weather.